Institute for Vascular Testing

A Comprehensive 

Non-Hospital Based, Outpatient Vascular Testing Labratory


The Institute for Vascular Testing is the South Bay’s first comprehensive, non-hospital based, outpatient vascular testing laboratory. Our services are performed in Campbell, CA. at a state of the art testing facility by a team of caring and experienced professionals dedicated to the evaluation of vascular diseases. Our facility provides a warm and welcoming alternative to traditional hospital based imaging centers and is completely dedicated to the study of vascular diseases.

Now serving St. Louise Regional hospital in South County. Visit our new offices at 8833 Montery Rd, Gilroy, CA 95020!

IVT is proud to be the Bay Areas first, physician independent facility, dedicated to assisting referring physicians in their assessment and treatment of vascular diseases. IVT provides a  comprehensive suite of services that include DVT studies, evaluation of Leg Pain, testing for Blood Clots, Doppler Testing, ABI,PAD testing, Aneurysm, AAA, Vascular Screening, Venous Stasis Disease, Varicose Vein Assessment, Deep Venous Thrombosis, Carotid Artery, Stroke Assessment, TIA, and Stroke screening. Our South Bay testing center can help identify causes of venous disease, high blood pressure, dizziness, blindness, and is centrally located in Campbell, CA. Unlike traditional imaging centers, all of IVT's diagnostic examinations are performed by Registered Vascular Technologists and interpreted by Board Certified Vascular Surgeons. This combination of registered vascular technologists working together with board certified vascular surgeons is unique in the industry and ensures studies are done right and interpreted correctly the first time thereby virtually eliminating the need to repeat a study or to delay treatment.

Our network of vascular experts is entirely dedicated to the study of vascular diseases and ensures that referring physicians receive comprehensive, timely, and accurate information to assit them in the treatment of their patients. Once completed, one of our panel of vascular surgeons reads the study and forwards the results back to the referring physicians within a 24 hour timeframe. 

At IVT we work closely with referring physicians and vascular surgeons to provide timely and accurate assessments of the Peripheral Vascular system enabling them to make informed and in some cases life saving decisions. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in your vascular testing needs and look forward to serving you.

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